How To Make Aguas Frescas

Hey everyone! I know I don’t post on Saturdays but since I owe you guys a catch up post here it is! This recipe was taken from, and it sounds delicious!


-1 cup roughly chopped fruit (I recommend hulled strawberries, peeled cucumber, cantaloupe or pineapple)

-1 cup water

-½ medium lime or lemon, juiced

-1 teaspoon pure cane sugar or sweetener of choice (if your fruit is perfectly ripe and sweet, you may not need any sweetener at all)

-Optional: 2 large mint leaves (perfect with cucumber)


-In your blender container, combine the fruit, water, lime juice, sweetener and optional mint leaves. Purée until smooth using the smoothie feature. Taste and, if necessary, add more lime and/or sweetener, then blend briefly again.

-Serve immediately over ice, and enjoy!

Image from

That’s all for today’s post! Have a wonderful day!


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