My First Time Sprouting Seeds Part 1 of 3

I was planning on starting my seeds for the first time today, however, I realized that we were going to my grandparent’s house today and wouldn’t be back for 5 days due to Thanksgiving. So, I figured I’d make it a 3 part series! Part 1 is going to be all about the supplies you will need, part 2 is going to be me actually starting the seeds, and part 3 will be about the finished product! Parts 2 and 3 won’t come out until next week.

If you’ve been around for several months you may say: “Briar, you have already written a post about this topic!” You are correct:

However, I haven’t actually sprouted seeds before. This is why I figured it would be nice to document my fist time in a blog post. Let’s get started!

For my birthday I received some really nice Mason Jar attachments that are sprouting lids!

Image taken by yours truly
Image taken by yours truly

I got two lids so eventually, I can make two batches at once! Right now I will only be starting off by making one batch so if something goes wrong I only lose 1-2 tablespoons of seeds. Speaking of seeds here is a picture of the type of seeds I bought:

Image taken by yours truly

When purchasing seeds for sprouting you have to make sure that they are labeled as specifically for sprouting and eating. I bought the Todd’s Seeds brand, and I chose alfalfa seeds. The reason I chose alfalfa is that, 1 they are one of the most common seeds that are used for sprouts, 2 they are good sources of vitamins K and C, and 3 alfalfa is just a fun word to say. Why choose lentils when you can have alfalfa!

The only other material that I will need for my sprouts is a bowl or tray to trap the water that will drain out of the jar. I am not sure what exactly I will use yet, but I will have a picture in my next post of this series!

Those are all of my materials that I am using! If you don’t know how to sprout your own seeds I would recommend you check out the post I linked to above! Thanks for reading, Happy Thanksgiving, and have a great rest of your day!


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