My Favorite Vegetables

I am one of those people who simply likes the idea of eating vegetables. I have tried lots of different and strange vegetables so, I figured why not share my top 5 with you guys! Although, I do have to say most of my favorites are pretty common.


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I just love carrots! They are so sweet and I love eating the really big ones. The smell is fabulous and they just taste fabulous! I tried growing a type of red carrot last year however they never grew to be full-sized.


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This year was the first time I tried kohlrabi and I really enjoyed it! It might just be a favorite that I grow every year! I think next year I am going to grow bowling ball kohlrabi which means they grow to be the size of a bowling ball! Stay tuned if you want to see how that turns out.


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Yes, I am aware that corn isn’t really healthy for you. However, it does taste really really good! Sweet corn is SO good. Corn on the cob is my favorite!


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Yep, another not super healthy vegetable. Like corn, they are just so tasty! Our family doesn’t eat potatoes very often, but we still get them occasionally!

Cooked Broccoli

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I don’t love raw broccoli, but cooked or steamed broccoli is another story. Mmmmm so so so good! I have a friend who loves cooked broccoli too and in the past, that is all we’ll eat for dinner together. It is just so delicious!

That’s the end of another blog post! Thanks for reading and have a wonderful rest of your day😊


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