My Latest “Need to Reads”

I have been quite busy lately, and being busy means that I can’t read all of the books that I want to read. So, I figured I might as well write a post about the books I want to read, and maybe just maybe it will motivate me to make time to read them? We’ll see.

The Hunger Games

So I recently watched the movies for the first time, and they were really good. Now everyone is telling me I need to read the books so I’m going to do just that… hopefully soon.

The Backyard Beekeeper

I have had this book since August and yet I have only read one chapter. I know that there is immense knowledge inside this stack of paper, I just haven’t set aside time to actually look at it!

Mini Farming

Yet another book with immense knowledge! I have read a few chapters of this book but, I haven’t finished it yet… I remember it had a lot of great things in it too! I will need to read this one soon.

Reaching the Animal Mind

Someone loaned me this book once, and OH MY GOODNESS IT WAS GREAT however I could only get through 82/255 pages. I wrote that down in large numbers on my white board so that the next time I get the chance to read this I know where to start reading again. The person who wrote this also wrote a book called “Don’t Shoot the Dog” which I hear is really good too.

Big Chicken

This was a book that I randomly found whilst in the library one day. I thought it looked interesting so I checked it out and took it home. No joke, I checked it out another 2-3 more times and I could only get through the first 4-5 chapters or so. It was an interesting book and I was learning a lot. I didn’t exactly believe everything that they said about the big chicken industry, however they made some solid points.

Yep, those were my “Need to Reads”! I guess you could also say that any homesteader book out there is a “Need to Read” but, I’ll get to them eventually… anyways, thanks for reading this blog post and I’ll see you next time!


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