Proper Bee Keeping Equipment

Bees, they are those little insects that can help in numerous ways, but they can also harm. Honey bees have a stinger that is 1.5 mm long, which is rather small. It can still hurt a lot though, which is why protective clothing is very important if you are considering beekeeping for yourself.

How to choose a bee suit:

When choosing a bee suit there are tons of options. There are half suits, full suits, colored suits, white suits, ventilated suits, and unventilated suits. So since there are so many options here’s the quick run down:

Half suits are great if you are comfortable with bees, looking for more inexpensive options, and also if you are not sure if you are 100% into this whole beekeeping thing.

They do have drawbacks though, I mean it is literally half of a bee suit. So if your pants aren’t thick enough you could end up getting stung.

Image from dadant.com

Full suits are better if you feel like you really need that extra protection. One thing that I have found about full bee suits is they are a bit bulkier than the half suit, which is to be expected.

Image from honeyflow.com

In the past there was some worry that colored suits would make the bees angry, or more attracted to you, so that’s why the majority of bee suits out there are white. It seems to be mostly myth though, so don’t worry if you want a colored bee suit. I myself went with the colored option.

Image from teenvogue.com
Image from yours truly

I really wanted to get a ventilated suit, but they can be a lot more expensive. That’s why I decided on a full unventilated bee suit, instead of a half ventilated suit. The perks of getting a ventilated suit are that it’s a lot more breathable then a regular suit. I can attest to the fact that bee suits get HOT when you are working outside in the heat.

Image from naturalapiary.com

What veil type should you get?

The suit I ended up getting came with the two different veil styles, both the fencing veil and the round veil. The type of veil that you get is mostly just personal preference. Some say that the round veils offer more protection, but for the most part I think they are about the same safety wise. I prefer my fencing veil because It’s easier to move my head around in, and I can see better in it. In case you were wondering I do have a picture of myself in the round veil.

Image from yours truly

Last but not least, bee keeping gloves:

A lot of experienced beekeepers do not use gloves. I personally am not there yet, nor do I think I will ever be there in the future. I mean it doesn’t hurt to just slip on a pair of gloves, it can hurt to not slip on a pair of gloves.

When choosing gloves many people go to either goat hide, or cow hide. Cow hide will offer more protection. Goat hide will provide more flexibility, so it’ll be easier to grab things with. I have myself a pair of heavy duty cow hide bee keeping gloves, so that my hands are completely protected.

Now you may be wondering, does all of this stuff really work? Well I’m happy to say I haven’t been stung once since I started learning about bee keeping. We shall see how long my streak holds up for, but at the moment all my equipment has been working like a charm!

That’s going to be all for todays post, until next time have a wonderful day!

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