The Most Common Types Of Beehives

I will be getting my own bee hive here pretty soon, so you will be seeing a lot of bee posts in the future. So without further ado, here are 3 of the most common type of hive styles.

  • Langstroth Hive
Image from leehoneybee.com

The Langstroth hive was invented by a guy named Lorenzo Langstroth (hence the name of the hive). This hive type is the most popular hive style, and is used by beekeepers all over the world. This type of hive can accommodate a variety of different box sizes including: deep, medium, and shallow ( and either the 8 or 10 frame of each of those). Many prefer to stick with all 8 frame mediums. Since this hive is stacked there will be some heavy lifting involved, which is why this particular hive may not be best if you have a hard time lifting heavy objects. However, if you are looking for a hive that is easily attainable, and relatively inexpensive… the Langstroth hive might just be for you!

  • The Top Bar Hive
Image from homestead.org

This hive is different from the Langstroth hive in many ways, one way is that it is a horizontal hive apposed to a vertical one. This is also a great option if you don’t want any heavy lifting because there really isn’t any! All you would need to lift would be the frames. A huge downside to this kind of hive, is the fact that you can’t add onto it. So once your hive gets too big for the top bar hive, they will either swarm or stop making honey. This hive is not as practical if you want to get honey from your bees as it’s more difficult to extract it from the natural combs. If your main goal for your bees is pollination, than this might be the perfect hive style for you.

  • The Warre Hive
Image from wildflowermeadows.com

The warre hive is basically a combination of the previous two hive types. Some call this the vertical top bar hive, as it is a vertical hive. Emile Warre invented this hive style to better imitate how a bee hive would be like in the wild. This hive type is not as popular here in the United States so if you go with this one, you may have a more difficult time sourcing one. This would be a great hive for someone looking to farm honey bees in the most natural way possible.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post about bee hives! Stay tuned for lots more bee posts! Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful rest of your day.


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