Book Review: The Rooted Life

How have your Summers been going? My Summer has been pretty good. Have you been getting any reading done? I surprisingly have. I asked for the book The Rooted Life by Justin Rhodes for my birthday, and I got it! I also didn’t have to wait 8 months to get it like the last book I got for my birthday😂(Learn about that book here).

About the book:

This book was written by Justin Rhodes, all of us homesteading people all know who he is so I will spare you the background story. This book is great for those who are just dipping their toes into the water of being self-sufficient. It’s got some great motivation, as well as some great and easy ideas.

Things I didn’t like about The Rooted Life:

Overall I really loved this book. I don’t think that anything really stood out to me as a dislike. It was rather well written and I really loved the format. I guess the one “dislike” that I have would be that it pretty much only focused on gardening and chickens. I was disappointed that Justin didn’t talk more about all the different animals that he has learned how to raise and which ones he likes, but also which ones he didn’t like. Maybe he will write a sequel!

Things I did like about The Rooted Life:

Like I just said, I loved the format. The way that it seemed sectioned off into bite-sized pieces was really cool. I also loved all of the pictures through out the book such as this one:

It was fun to see a smile on nearly every page

This book talks all about how all of this homesteading stuff isn’t easy, and it’s not for everyone. But, it also lets us know that there is most certainly a reward for those who to persevere. One more little thing that I love is that it did all of the math. What I mean by that is, that he went through the trouble of figuring out how many hours a week you’d need to put in to be growing 75% of your food. He also did the math for other things, which is nice for someone who likes seeing the math, yet doesn’t want to figure it out themselves😂.

Well… I’m pretty sure that sums it all up. It was a great book and I think everyone should read it and get inspired to get outside and garden!

My overall rating for this book is 10/10

That’s all for today, thanks for reading!

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