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5 Of The Best Chicken Breeds For Eggs

Obviously, this list will be a complete opinion. There are soo many chicken breeds out there that are super amazing, but today I’m focused on temperament and egg amount(in the first 2 years).

(this list is not in any particular order ; )

  1. Sussex

These incredible chickens can lay over 250 eggs a year! They are also known to be very gentle and friendly, which makes them great for beginners. They lay beautiful large light colored eggs, and will lay somewhere around 4-5 eggs every week!

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2. Buff Orpingtons

Buff Orpingtons are a backyard favorite! They are sweet gentle chickens and they are good egg layers too! They do have a downside, which is that they are so docile that they do not mix well with more “aggressive” chicken breeds, such as the Rhode Island Red. Orpingtons can lay over 200 eggs a year.

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3. Plymouth Rock

These pretty chickens lay just as much as Orpingtons do(200 eggs per year) and they have that beautiful patterning on their feathers. Plymouth rocks are cold weather hearty and they are sweet, which makes them beginner friendly.

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4. Golden Comet

These chickens get an A+ on their egg laying number. If you are looking for a prolific layer definitely choose this breed. Golden Comets can lay up to 330 eggs per year! Lots of the other chickens can only lay in the 200s! Golden Comets are a mix between Rhode Island Reds, and Leghorns. Both of these breeds are known as not the best for beginners, however the Golden Comet is known to be friendly and docile.

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5. Sapphire Gem

These chickens will lay 5-6 eggs per week, which ends up being around 280 eggs per year! They are a super pretty color, and they lay good sized eggs. These birds are known to be gentle and rather well mannered.

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Well, if you are considering getting chickens, I hope that you will consider some of these super amazing chicken breeds! Do any of you guys have one of these types of chickens? I used to have Plymouth Rock Chickens 🙂 Have a great rest of your day!


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