It’s My 16th Birthday!

Hello everyone! I’m now officially 16! I woke up at 7:00 am so that I had enough time to get ready before the DMV opened at 8:30. Why was I so excited to go to the DMV? Because now I officially have a probationary drivers license!!!

So here are just a few pictures from the day😊

Me with some presents:

Me and my new drivers license:

Me training the porcupines at the zoo this morning:

Me and my keys!

Well that’s all for my post today! See you later!


16 thoughts on “It’s My 16th Birthday!”

  1. I remember turning 16 and getting my drivers license. (Of course that was so last millennium!) My first car was a Ford Pinto station wagon.(You’ll probably have to Google that.) Let’s just say that a week ago I celebrated the 46th anniversary of my 16th birthday!

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    1. I think it’s crazy that the first car is always so dear to everyone’s heart even though they are usually very old and don’t work all that well. It just goes to show that you don’t need something expensive for it to be special. My car is an older Kia Optima😊

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