Can you Eat Squirrels?

Okay, so this is a strange post I know. But, I never had even thought about eating a squirrel until one of my best friends started talking about how one day she was going to hunt a squirrel and then eat it… I was a bit shocked to say the least. I had never heard of anyone eating a squirrel before. So I did some research.

Apparently it closely compares to rabbit meat. I haven’t ever tasted either rabbit or squirrel, so I can’t really say if I would like it or not. However, I’m not apposed to trying either one.

In Wisconsin, squirrel season is from September 18th- January 31st. It varies slightly depending on what state you live in.

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Squirrel meat used to be really popular until it was associated with poorer communities and fake health scares in the early 20th century. Squirrels are considered an invasive species, which is why they have a much longer hunting season than most animals. In many places people are encouraged to hunt and eat squirrels since they are often overpopulated and can become considered pests.

When eating squirrel there are just a few health risks. It’s wise to steer clear of eating any of their organs, especially their stomach and brain. In rare cases people have contracted a human variant of Mad Cow Disease by eating a squirrel brain, it can’t be killed off by heat like some other things can. Other health risks include Tularemia, Typhus, and Ringworm. These will be of no risk if you cook the squirrel at high temperatures and season it with garlic.

So interestingly enough people do eat squirrels. Have you ever eaten a squirrel? Would you consider eating a squirrel? I think I would try it, hey maybe I’ll go squirrel hunting this upcoming fall! If I do, I’ll let you know what it was like, and how the squirrel tasted😉! Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Can you Eat Squirrels?”

  1. I have in fact eaten rabbit and squirrel. I spent a lot of time growing up with my grandparents who were raised by poor farmers who didn’t waste. My grandma is actually who taught me a lot about cooking.
    Funny story, in high school Spanish our assignment was to have a class conversation about what we had eaten for dinner the night before. Imagine the surprise my Puerto Rican teacher got when I said “Me comi una ardilla para la cena”.

    They’re really not bad but it doesn’t offer a lot of meat so you’d need quite a few to feed a family. If you want some head on over my way. You can collect them in my back yard eating from my bird feeders 🤦🏻‍♀️

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