My Favorite “Farm Tubers”

All the youtubers that have farms or homesteads are sometimes referred to as “farm tubers” because that’s what their content is all about. These 5 are my favorites:


Melissa K. Noris – Modern Homesteading

I love this channel because of how nice Melissa’s set up is, she’s also a really great teacher and I’ve loved every video that I have watched from her. She does mostly gardening videos, which is one reason that she’s #5 for me but, they are all great nonetheless!


Roots and Refuge Farm

I love this channel so much! Jess is such an amazing person, and such a great teacher. I have learned so much from this channel and I’m super excited to watch and see how their new homesteading store is going to unfold. The only reason this channel is lower on my top 5 list is again because of the lack of animal videos. This is another channel whose main focus is gardening.


Gold Shaw Farm

This is such an amazing channel, with Toby Dog, Abby Dog, and of course all the little barn cats this has been one of my most favorite channels to watch. I’ve learned a lot about poultry from here, as well as some things about cattle.



Yeah, I use these videos a ton whenever I’m writing blog posts. Many of these videos actually inspire me to write about certain things. This is such a good channel and one where I’m constantly getting new ideas from. It’s like each video is something completely different I’ve never heard of before. I would definitely recommend you check out this channel!

Living Traditions Homestead

This is the channel that introduced me to homesteading in the first place. I love their videos so much and they have so many informative videos on both animals and gardening. They have rabbits, cows, chickens, quail, pigs, and I think that’s it but I’m not sure. This however is hands down my favorite “farm tuber”

I hope that you will check some of these channels out, they are all super amazing and have so much great information about homesteading. Of course these aren’t the only farm tubers out there: White House On The Hill, Justin Rhodes, and Sandi Brock, just to name a few. Thanks for reading and have a great rest of your day!


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