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How To Tell The Gender Of Your Quail

If you get coturnix quail you will probably see that some are feather sexable while others are called vent sexable. When you are first starting out it’s a good idea to go with the feather sexable quail as you will be able to tell at an instant without a doubt whether your quail are male or female. I will go over both types today but, getting quail that are feather sexable is going to be the best bet for anyone starting out with quail.

With feather sexable quail you will look at the feathers on their breast. If they are very spotted it is a female.

Female quail

If the quail has little to no spots than it’s a male.

Male quail

With vent sexable quail it gets a bit more difficult. With males you flip them over and at the base of the tail there is a bump. If you press down on the tail you should see a kidney discharge that looks like white foam. This kidney discharge only happens with the males.

With the females there is no bump at the base of the tail and there is an obvious difference between the males and females. Here is a great video to watch if you are interested in learning more:

It’s also important to note that vent sexing can be done successfully at 5 weeks of age. But, it gets easier at 6-7 weeks.

So that’s all for today! If you are interested in getting started with quail I hope that this post was helpful for you. Thanks for reading!


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