How To Grow Kohlrabi

A little while ago I wrote a post about 5 strange plants you can grow in your garden. Well kohlrabi was on that list because of how interesting it looked.

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I work as a cashier for our local greenhouse and so I see a lot of plants that are coming in. One of those that seemed to get bought quite a bit was kohlrabi. So one day I decided why not pick up a 4 pack and see what happens.

Now comes the part where I tell you that I decided to write this post to force me to research😅, and yes that’s what I did.

Kohlrabi is a cold weather crop that actually can have a difficult time in the summer heat. They only take about 55 days to mature. So by planting seedlings outdoors before the summer sun takes over is probably best.

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Try to not plant seedlings in a spot where you have grown another cabbage related species in the last 2-3 years. This will prevent diseases on your plants, and mineral deficiencies.

When transplanting seedlings try to add in 1/2 inch to an inch of aged compost around each plant. This will help give the plants extra nutrients so they can thrive.

Don’t over water, but still keep soil moistened with water. Either a little bit of water every day, or “normal watering” every other day.

Kohlrabi tastes best when it’s harvested young, with a bulb diameter of 3-4 inches. Harvest kohlrabi by cutting the almost wood-like part of the root right under the bulb. Both the stem, and the leaves are edible and can be kept in the fridge for 2-3 weeks.

That’s all for today’s post! Tomorrow when I write about my garden I will include pictures of my Purple Vienna kohlrabi plants, thanks for reading!


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