Unique Places To Look For Worms, And Why You’d Want To

You might want to read this post because you really care about your plants, as well as the soil that they are planted in, or you might want to read it because you like to fish and this might have some good advice on where to find bait. Whichever one you are I’m glad you are here.

Why Look For Worms

When using worms to help improve your soil they do so much to help your garden to thrive. They aerate the soil, mix the soil, allow more water to get in through all the little holes the drill, their slimy outer covering is nitrogen which is really good for plants, and they also produce worm castings. 1 tablespoon of worm castings can feed a house plant for a couple months!

When To Look For Worms

Image from blog.nature.org

The best times to look for worms are while it’s still raining or sprinkling, or after it’s done raining. You’ll also have a better chance finding them in the early morning or later evening.

Where To Find Worms

Worms can be found just on top of the soil or just underneath, but they will be the most concentrated under objects you have laying around your yard, like large rocks, stepping stones, or containers. Another thing you could try is the hack that Stacey (From Off Grid With Doug And Stacey) shows in her video all about worms!

Hopefully, you’ll spend a few minutes after your next rainstorm collecting these hard working creatures, so you can get happier healthier plants. Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Unique Places To Look For Worms, And Why You’d Want To”

    1. Yes, I do that a lot too. We get a lot of worms under our old playset in the spring, and I like to collect them all and put them in our raised garden beds. I haven’t really tried looking in our driveway or sidewalk, so maybe that’ll be my next place to check😄!

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