3 Plants You Never Thought Of Eating Before

Today’s post is an interesting one because we will be uncovering the fact that some of the most well known plants that grow around you can actually be eaten! Make sure to comment below if you’ve tried eating any of these before.


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Milkweed isn’t only edible, but it’s delicious! It can be eaten at all stages of life, and many people have it growing in their backyard! It’s a common belief that as soon as the world discovers that milkweed is delicious we will eat it all up and not leave any for the Monarch butterflies. However, the opposite is true. If the world starts planting milkweed in our gardens than the butterflies will have more milkweed than they ever had before! So instead of weeding it all out of your yard try it out and taste it for yourself.

CAUTION: Common Milkweed has many toxic look-alikes, so before consuming make sure you are 100% sure about the identification.

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Okay, so a majority of us already know that dandelion is edible, in fact that is how the dandelion became an invasive species in the Unites States, people planted it in their gardens(🤯). Let’s be honest, how many of us go collect dandelions on a regular basis to eat them? There are a lot of things that can be made with dandelions, here is a video from Off Grid With Doug and Stacey that has three recipes:


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Last but not least, we have the cattail. You can eat a few different parts of the cattail but many eat the root. Apparently it tastes similar to a potato, but you eat it like you would an artichoke. The roots should be harvested in the Fall or Winter. Now I know many of you are probably wondering if you can eat the brown fluffy part on the top. Well, truth is that if you pick the catkins while they are still green and enclosed with leaves, you can eat them just like you would corn on the cob! Boil them in water until they are heated all the way through and serve with butter, salt, and pepper. Here is an interesting video that explains this more in detail:

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!


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