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The Importance Of Bees

Bees are important, they really truly are. I mean, without bees people could potentially starve. This is because we not only need plants to thrive, but we also need animals to thrive. So if we eradicate, or even significantly reduce the bee population, we significantly reduce the types of crops that can be grown. If we are reducing the types of crops that can be grown, not only would we be affecting ourselves, but also our livestock. So the number of livestock that farmers have would need to be reduced, but then we are back to reducing the amount of food for us. The cycle keeps going on and on until the world is starving. So are bees important? Yes, yes they most certainly are.

Why can’t humans, or other pollinators just do the job of bees?

For a human to pollinate the crops themselves would be out of the question. I was reading on a website called woodlandtrust.org.uk and it said: ” It would cost farmers in the UK 1.8 billion euros a year just to pollinate their crops.” In US dollars that’s close to 1.9 billion dollars.

So if humans can’t do it, then why can’t other pollinators like other insects, bats, and the wind pollinate everything. Well, it’s true that they all are important pollinators. However, bees are the most important because they are the most efficient and quickest pollinators. 1 bee can pollinate up to 5,000 plants in one single day! 5,000! That’s crazy!

Last but, not least, and certainly not the last reason for the importance of bees is that they produce a delicious syrup referred to by many as honey. Honey is important not only because, we as humans think it tastes good, but because it also has medicinal properties. Honey’s most common uses are for anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and an antibacterial agent.

So next time you come across a honey bee, don’t swat at it while running away screaming. Instead gently back up as it continues it’s job of pollinating plants, and feeding the whole world. Thanks for reading!


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