Yak Vs. Bison

When I wrote my post about yaks a while back, I couldn’t help but keep comparing them to a bison. Well, it turns out the two are quite similar so today we’ll go over their similarities and differences.

Image from en.wikipedia.org


Both yaks and bison are in the family Bovidae. Which means they are both bovines like cattle.

They both weigh about the same, but surprisingly enough yaks are often larger.

Their lifespans are similar with a bison being able to live up to 20 years, and yaks being able to live to be about 25.

Their common predators are similar, a bison’s top predators are humans, wolves, and bears. A yak’s most common predators are snow leopards, wolves, and bears.

A bison and yak’s body shapes are really similar. The both have large, heavy bodies, humped shoulders, and a shaggy coat.

Image from en.wikipedia.org


They are both located in completely different parts of the world. Bison can also tolerate warmer weather, yaks prefer only cooler temperatures.

Bison usually live in places that are relatively flat, yaks are often pack animals for people up in the mountains.

Bison can only be dark brown or black. While yaks can be these colors plus a lot more.

Their tails are different. Bison have tails that are short with a tuft of hair at the end(like a cow). Yaks have tails that are long and made up of individual strands of hair(like a horse).

Although both bison and yaks have shaggy coats, yaks have quite a lot more hair!

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!


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