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My Recent Discoveries About Our Cats

Two to three weeks ago I read the book Indoor Cat (you can read my review here), and since then I have been trying out several new things with Gizmo. Since it’s been about 2 weeks I’m starting to see some positives and negatives with what I have changed so far. For this post I will talk about 2 things that I’m doing differently and how each one of these experiments have been going.

  1. Spending More Time With Giz

I know that this was something I should’ve been doing before, but the thing was I never “scheduled” him into my day. For example I go downstairs at 9:00pm now Instead of 3 minutes from my bedtime(which is 9:30). This way I don’t have to feel rushed in the slightest, and Gizmo and I can have all kinds of fun! This, I think, has made many positive effects on Gizmo. He’s been getting more exercise, and he has also been getting brushed more often. Another positive thing is that he doesn’t sprint after me to get upstairs(he sleeps in our basement), I think that this is because he’s already sick of me being down there for so long(jk jk I know he LOVES me being down there with him). I’ve also started noticing Gizmo lose a little bit of weight, which for him is a great thing! I think when we first got him (3 years ago) he was around 19 pounds. I weighed him a month ago and (our scale isn’t the greatest at being accurate) he’s around 15 pounds. I’m hoping that all of these new things I’m starting with him will get Giz down to a healthier weight of 11-13 pounds. I don’t know about you but, I think this cat is a wee bit overweight.

Image from me!

2. More Variety For Everything!

When you think about it your cat probably eats the same food every day, at the same times, in the same place, with the same bowl, and then drinks water from the same bowl and place that he does everyday. Wouldn’t you start to become depressed and bored if this was your life? After learning this, I started to change it up. Instead of one meal of the same dry food at the same time and place every single day. I started to switch it up. So now we do 4 meals a day, with different food bowls, at different times, and I place them in a new place each day. I’m also getting Gizmo used to new brands of cat food so I can feed him different things each day! For the water I make sure I give him fresh water daily( I used to only change water every other day), sometimes I give him two water dishes, and other times I give him one. I also make sure that the water dish isn’t anywhere near a food dish, because I learned that cats prefer eating and drinking in two separate places. These changes have been AMAZING for Giz! Part of this new diet could be helping him lose weight, and he greets me with a happy question mark tail every morning because he knows today isn’t going to be like yesterday. I do have only one negative comment, which is that since I’ve been mixing the tiniest bit of wet food with his dry food every once in awhile. Gizmo has been eating less and less of his dry plain food. I have been soaking his dry food every once in awhile but, he doesn’t eat as much of it as I would like him to. Either way, I’m sure this will start improving the more flavors and brands I start introducing to him!

I hope that this post helps give you some ideas of simple ways that you can improve your cat’s physical and mental health. As always, thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “My Recent Discoveries About Our Cats”

  1. Ooh! A friend of mine sometimes soaked a bit of the food in leftover homemade chicken broth to pique her cat’s interest… I don’t know if that’s up your alley (or Gizmo’s) but you might try it! 🙂

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