Book Review: Indoor Cat

Last July for my 15th birthday I really, really wanted this book. It wasn’t out yet but, it was supposed to be out in October. My Grandma bought it for me, however instead of arriving in October it arrived just last week! So I have been, for the past several months, just itching to get my hands on this book! I have now completely finished it and I decided I would write my thoughts about Indoor Cat in today’s post.

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About the book:

This book is written by Laura J. Moss and her co-author Lynn Bahr, DVM. They decided to write this book together about how indoor cats are forced inside of four walls, and how that can make them feel. This book is to help you understand your cat’s perspective on things so you can learn how to become a more compassionate caregiver to your kitty.

Things I didn’t like about Indoor Cat:

I absolutely LOVED this book, don’t get me wrong. However there are also some things I didn’t particularly like. First, we have the title. Yes, the title. It’s been driving me crazy since I heard way back when that they were writing this book. This book is titled: Indoor Cat and their previous book was called: Adventure Cats couldn’t they have put an “s” after Cat? I know it’s a small thing but, it has been driving me absolutely crazy!

Next, we have the fact that the evolution of cats is brought up in several chapters. As a creationist I have different “glasses” so to speak that I look through. I don’t see evolution, I see a God who loves us, and I see a God who specifically designed cats to be exactly the way that they are!

Indoor Cat also brought up the fact that cats are evolving today, because of us never letting them go outside, letting them eat highly processed cat food every day, and pretty much forcing them to live in a synthetic environment. The book calls this cat felis interius and mentions this throughout the book. At the end they even wrote:

“Cats that are sociable and easily or instantly take to indoor life might sound appealing. You could even make the argument that it would be easier for shelters to adopt out such animals. But we can’t help but raise the question: Is the indoor cat-is felis interius– still truly a cat?”

Things I did like about Indoor Cat:

Now that we have the negative part behind us, we can focus on the positive stuff! I still would 100% recommend this book to anyone who owns cats. This book is for making your cat more comfortable in their environment, making it so that they don’t become depressed, and it is also for learning about how your cat might be much different then you originally thought.

This isn’t a book that says you have to take a box of rodents and let them free in your house for your cat to be happy(thank goodness). This also isn’t a book that tells you to put your cat who has been indoors its entire life outside to let them fend for themselves(it actually says to definitely not do this). This is a book that looks at the little things that can make your cat suffer from mental illnesses, and it teaches you how to fix all these little things that you might not have even known about before! It is a wonderful book and I have learned so many things about my cat Gizmo, and I am even changing him over to a rotating diet so he isn’t eating the same thing each day. This book inspired me, and I know it will inspire you too.

My overall rating of this book is 9/10

That’s all for today, thanks for reading!


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