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4 Donkey Enrichment Ideas

I have done lots of enrichment posts so far, and here is yet another one. This time I have 4 enrichment ideas for donkeys.

Taking them on hikes:

Often times donkeys are given a fenced in area where they can graze and be outside, however they also like to explore new things. By getting a halter and a lead you can take a hike with your donkeys and explore the things around you. It may take your donkey a little while to get used to the halter, and they might not want to leave their pen at first. However, with some time and patience your donkey should be gladly following you to go on new adventures!

Image from

Sand Pit

Donkeys like to roll, and by providing them a sand pit you can give them a nice place to do just that! Donkeys roll in the spring when they are shedding to get any loose hair from their winter coat off. They also roll to keep the flies away, and to scratch themselves. Sometimes donkeys just roll around because they love doing it!

Image from Fieldstone Donkeys Facebook Page

Scratching Post

Donkeys always seem to be scratching themselves on one piece of fence or another, but by providing them with a post that was purposely made for them to rub against should make them very happy! It will help them stay cleaner and it will be enriching for them as well!

Image from

Food Puzzle Toys

Like almost every other animal that I have ever written an enrichment post for, donkeys will benefit from some type of food puzzle toy. It can be purchased from the store or you can make it yourself. Take this toy as a fun example:

Image from

I know that the picture is of a horse, but bare with me. All you need to make this simple toy is some card board boxes, a hole punch, string, and donkey treats! Once everything is set up your donkey will flip the boxes over to make the treats drop out.

Thank you for reading todays post! Have a wonderful rest of your Thursday!


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