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What Is Your Cat’s Personality Type?

Cat personality types have been categorized into three different colors: green cats, orange cats, and purple cats. They were created so that cats in animal shelters had a better chance of staying with the person who adopted them. Knowing your cat’s personality type can help you find enrichment ideas that they will enjoy such as walking on a leash, rolling around in a stroller, or lounging about in a catio.

Green cats:

Green cats are adventurous, and interested in what’s going on around them. They like to greet new people, and aren’t easily scared. They will try to bolt out an open door or window whenever they have the chance. They are also very interested in sitting by the window, watching birds, and will stay there watching for hours.

Orange cats:

An orange cat is interested in what’s going on, but they’ll observe from a distance before they decide to venture out. They can be wary of new situations and will take a long time to get used to them. They like to sit by the window however, they are only vaguely interested, and only observe the window every once in awhile. They are quite content in their house and aren’t as eager to get outside like “green cats”.

Purple cats:

Purple cats are skittish, and shy. They are the definition of a “scardy cat” and will run away to hide when someone new enters their home. They may occasionally look out the window, but aren’t yearning to get outside. They most likely won’t try to get outside through an open door or window.

Your cat probably doesn’t fit perfectly into one of these descriptions, but he probably fits into one more than the other two. Whichever one that may be is the personality type your cat has!

Leash training:

“Green cats” are the ones you’ll want to leash train. They love adventuring and will probably be up for the challenge. “Orange cats” are sometimes adventure cats, but it’s less likely, and they will probably take longer to be fully trained. “Purple cats” are almost never adventure cats. There are some exceptions, but “purple cats” will probably only want to explore your backyard and not much else, if anything at all. Not all cats are cut out to adventure outside on a leash even if they are “green cats” they might not want anything to do with being outside. Check out to learn more about leash training and cat personality types.

Cat strollers:

Some cats who aren’t interested in a leash and harness, may be interested in a cat stroller. Cat strollers are great enrichment for shelter cats and all cats for that matter. My cat is a purple cat and I got him a cat stroller. He doesn’t like using it outside but he loves it when I stroll around with him inside of the house, or in our garage.


Catios are patios for your cat… hence the name “catio”. I haven’t tried one out yet. But, I still think they are really really cool! Most cats enjoy catios, however there’ll always be one cat who isn’t very interested, or even scared of their catio.

Catios can be either very elaborate or very simple

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18 thoughts on “What Is Your Cat’s Personality Type?”

    1. It was my dream to get a “green” cat, but I ended up with Gizmo… the complete opposite. He’s shy but, I don’t think I could have loved another cat as much as him❤. Panda is such a cute name btw!

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  1. My cat is definitely a green cat. We got him as a full grown cat, and he tries to go outside all the time, so we suspect that with his old owners he went outside, but we can’t let him outside as we live right near a place were coyotes live.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There are several safe ways to let your cat explore the great outdoors safely. Like I mentioned above in this article Leash training, cat strollers, and catios( are all great options. In the not so distant future I’m going to be writing lots of posts about training cats to walk on a leash, and ride in a stroller or backpack. I know adult cats can be much harder to train, so I’m thinking your best bet could be a catio. Of course you know your cat better than anybody else, I would highly recommend checking out they are my #1 site I go to for cat training and enrichment ideas. They also have several articles about figuring out if adventuring outdoors is safe for your kitty. I hope you find these resources helpful 😁.

      Liked by 1 person

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